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The company adheres to stringent, hygienic standards and strict quality control procedures are implemented at various stages of processing to ensure that the best quality products leave the factory.The plant has an in-house laboratory facility that is equipped with the latest, sensitive equipment to check the quality of the products at every stage. The company is proud of its research and development team, which always starts from the need of consumers to develop products based on organized market research conducted by its marketing team. We ensures that the best materials and right process of manufacturing are used to make the various products authentic for each region.When buying raw materials such as fruits, vegetables and spices, great emphasis is placed on quality to ensure the authentic taste, which is what Mother's Recipes brand promises to its consumers.

Pickle is one of the most popular food items in India, as it can be eaten with any type of food. People like to eat pickles so much that just thinking about it makes their mouths water. But often it seems that a good quality pickle is not available at a reasonable rate. So, here we come up with some good-quality homemade pickles at a price that is affordable for everyone. We understand that it is important to make good quality pickle and keep them safe for a long time. Hence, we have added some natural oils to the pickle to preserve it for a long time. Ordering something online is a new trend as people want to get what they want at their home and not by going to the market which wastes so much precious time. Ordering pickles online is also one of them which provides great comfort to the pickle lovers and also makes it easy to get high-quality pickles.

Our Vision

As a leading quality manufacturer, our vision is to expand globally and be recognized as an Indian household name across the globe. We are committed to growing with integrity.

Our Mission

The company's food division's mission is to become a national leader in the ethnic food business. To achieve this mission, resources are being allocated for increasing manufacturing capacity, brand building, and supply chain management.


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Best Product

Our aim is to provide our clients quality products made from the best quality material meeting the demands of the market.

Natural Ingredients

This Authentic Mango Pickle, green chilli pickle and lemon pickle is our family heirloom recipe and is really good with robust flavors.

Traditional Recipes

Pickle making is an ancient tradition in India which has been loved and followed by or mothers and grandmothers.

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Order online and it will delivered directly to your home. Order directly from Amazone and Flipkart