Mango Pickles


Taste a spoonful of delicious pickle. Chop the mango into delicious pieces with the chosen spices. And enjoy that special mango flavor throughout the year.

Available in

250GM, 500GM, 1kg


Raw Mango Pieces(60%),Edible Common Salt, EdibleVegetableOil(Rice Bran Oil),Spices and Condiments, AcidityRegulator (INS260)and Preservative(INS211).

Nutritional Information

Energy (kcal) 181; Protein (g) 2; Carbohydrate (g) 14; - sugars (g) 4; Fat, total (g) 13; - saturated (g) 3; -Trans fat (g) 0; Cholesterol (mg) 0; Salt (g) 12;